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There are almost as many reasons to justify body sculpting as

there are people who have the procedures done. Here is another reason to consider – a younger appearance equals improved income.

An obvious reason is that if you look younger, you feel younger and happier, and this translates into confidence. There is, however, another reason and it soundly based on scientific and physiological study. One study that focused solely on the economic aspect noted that men who are perceived as youthful and handsome earn on average 5% more than other people employed in the same field. For women the average was 4%. Another study put the advantage as 12%. A hidden camera investigation for Dateline, an NBC program, in 2004 confirmed what many people have long suspected: a person perceived as attractive does receive preferential treatment, even when applying for employment. Dr. Gordon Patzer, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University discussed 30 years of intensive research and scientific study during the program.

Newsweek interviewed more than 200 junior and senior corporate hiring managers for an article and discovered that in excess of 55% of those interviewed suggested that money spent on looking attractive should be considered an investment. They also noted that looking youthful as well as attractive was as important as a well crafted resume. When asked to rank attributes of importance for acquisition of employment, an attractive appearance and youthful presentation often outweighed education. The advantages of a youthful appearance are magnified for those involved with sales such as real estate agents.

Here is another point to ponder. According to one study, a man perceived as good looking and youthful, over the course of his career, will make, on average, $250,000 more than least attractive counterparts. In another study 10% of men, and 13% of women, would consider cosmetic surgery or body sculpting such as is offered by Glam RN  if it gave them advantage with employment. In the modern work place looks are not just important, they can be critical.

It is no secret that we are an image obsessed culture. From advertisement to magazine spreads evidence abounds. Arizona State University Marketing Professor Peter Reingen and Professor Jerome Kernan of George Mason University determined that, “Buyers judged physically attractive salespeople to be more adept at selling. Buyers were more cordial to good-looking salespeople, bought more from the lookers than the average Joes, and donated more to attractive charity solicitors than to those less physically favored.”

Another study focused on pharmaceutical salespeople. A rigid rating system to determine attractiveness was created, and researchers discovered that every point of increase in a salesperson’s attractiveness rating corresponded to a rise in prescription sales. Physicians are trained to be objective. However, according to this study, even they could be swayed by appearance.

Whether your looking to get an edge on competitors or simply feel better about the person you see in the mirror, Glam Rn is here to help. Schedule a free consultation today and learn about the exciting new methods available for obtaining and maintaining a youthful appearance.