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Enhancing what God gave us for an improved appearance is almost as old as man. Take a look at the murals and artistry of ancient Egypt. Eye makeup was used prominently for men as well as women. In ancient Greece, makeup was also a popular way to adjust the natural appearance. Even though make up remains popular, with the passing of time the concept of perfection in beauty has changed.

The ancient Greeks believed perfect proportions were the key to a woman’s facial beauty. beautiful face. The Rubens era version of beauty included women with double chins. Victorians were obsessed with tiny rosebud lips which is in stark contrast to the full, sensuous mouths associated with beauty today. Historical evidence indicates that in China women were enhancing their looks with lipstick, nail polish and perfumes as far back as two or three thousand years ago. During the imperial era upper class women and traditional yiji entertainers, similar to Japan’s geishas, set the standard for beauty.

In the modern era standards of beauty were often set by the cinema. That trend continues into the 21st century. However, the modern twist on beauty enhancement is the marvels of body sculpting, a specialty at Glam RN.

So, what exactly is body sculpting? Body sculpting also referred to as body contouring, is the term used to describe aesthetic surgery procedures that reshape and improve the appearance of the body. These procedures are also used to reverse or stem the aging process that includes incidents that dramatically alter the body such as child birth and breastfeeding. They can also tighten loose skin after programs that result in weight loss.

Once of the most popular body sculpting treatments is CoolSculpting®  a revolutionary fat-freezing technology that is a non-surgical, out patient procedure that reduces or eliminates pockets of fat in trouble spots such as the abdomen, love handles, under arm, and under the chin. The technical name for the procedure is cryolipolysis. Unlike liposuction the majority of people who undergo the procedure do not feel anything aside from a tugging sensation when the skin is between the device’s two cooling panels. As the procedure is non invasive, and does not involve anesthesia or damaging tissue manipulation, there is little or no need for recovery time. The majority of people who undergo the procedure can immediately resume normal activities. Side effects of the procedure tend to be minor or nonexistent and occur only around the area of treatment. Those that report side effects note that they go away within a few days of the procedure.

Even though it is a non surgical procedure, it is imperative that you choose an experienced, trusted professional that has undergone approved training. And that is another reason to schedule a consultation at Glam RN if you are considering a body sculpting procedure. This summer is an ideal time to take control and to turn back the years.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America