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According to an old adage beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We as a society have made tremendous strides in breaking free from the stereotypes fostered by marketing firms in recent years. Increasingly we choose body sculpting techniques not because there is a hunger to appear as the ideal women or man as portrayed in advertisements. Instead we seek the enhancements to present a more youthful appearance which in turn provides a mental boost, or to simply feel a bit better about ourselves. This is not to be confused with vanity, though that also plays a role in why some people choose body sculpting procedures such as CoolSculpting®  provided by Glam RN.

Body sculpting and cosmetic surgery procedures are a business sector that has experienced rather steady growth in this century, even during periods of recession. However, fewer clients opt for invasive surgery or “going under the knife.” In the past twenty years these type of procedures have declined by 16%. During the same period noninvasive procedures have increased by 137%! With the advent and development of new, safer the high-tech options become more affordable and accessible, the demand for what is known as lunchtime beauty procedures is growing exponentially. Linked with this is the fading of social stigmas about cosmetic surgery that were once prevalent.

Liposuction makes for an interesting case study about changing attitudes and procedures. French surgeon Charles Dujarier is credited for first developing the procedure and concept of using suction to remove excess fat in the 1920s. The next major development occurred in 1974, the year that father and son Italian gynecologists Arpad and Giorgio Fischer who invented a blunt, hollow surgical instrument called a cannula. Before this procedure, the removal of fat as a body sculpting procedure was a very dangerous affair as physicians used a curette, a surgical tool designed for scraping, which often caused blood clots, abscesses, skin unevenness, and other health complications.  As an alternative some doctors reshaped the body by surgically removing both fat and skin, which of course resulted in unsightly scarring, and with a re-accumulation of fat around the incision sites leading, there were physical deformities. By 1980, the procedure that had become quite popular suffered from a great deal of negative publicity resultant of patients experiencing excessive bleeding and a rippling of the skin affect weeks after surgery. 

CoolSculpting® is a completely different type of procedure. It eliminates up to 20-25 percent of fat cells without harming or causing permanent damage to surrounding skin, nerves, and muscles. As a result this procedure is ideal for long-term results in areas that are problematic which neither diet nor exercise can impact. It should be noted that neither procedure is can be considered as an ultimate weight-loss solution since they can not counter a lack of exercise, obesity, and cannot target the deeper layers of visceral fat. If you would like more information about his and other procedures, contact us today for a free estimate.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America