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If you have stepped beyond your air conditioned cocoon (home or

office) in recent weeks you may have noticed that summer is upon us. To survive the heat, or to enjoy a bit of time at the poolside or on the river, the appropriate attire is to wear as little as legally allowable. For most of us that presents a slight problem. Since the advent of beauty magazines and television there has been a very powerful cultural emphasis placed on appearance, to look good, to appear healthy, or to have a beach body. Ideally exercise and diet suffice to reach these goals. However, for most people whose lives include very full schedules, lunch meetings, cocktail parties, and grabbing a bite on the run, maintaining a proper diet and getting enough exercise is as elusive as winning the lottery on the same day that you learn a long lost uncle has left you an estate worth millions. Also, diet and exercise can only slow the hands of time. Enter the modern science of body sculpting and contouring as practiced by Glam Rn

When the subject of body sculpting or contouring is discussed liposuction is what often comes to mind. What, exactly, is liposuction. In simple terms this is an invasive surgical procedure that utilizes a hollow, thin tube (a cannula) to loosen fat cells that are then removed by vacuum or suction. Developed in the 1960’s, the procedure was one of the most commonly used procedures well into the 1980’s.  Since that time the technology has evolved rather dramatically.
​Non-surgical laser liposuction, lipolysis, is but one example of how the procedure has changed. Another procedure that reflects these changes would be laser assisted surgical liposuction. For low risk cosmetic surgery procedures, laser liposuction is becoming increasingly common. In this procedure, fat layers just beneath the skin are melted with the use of low level lasers. These non-surgical procedures, however, are not for everyone as they will not produce weight loss that is a common reason patients consider liposuction as an option. As a sort of historic footnote, the first patented use of a medical laser device for these procedures to be approved by the FDA was filed in 2001 and granted in 2003.
CoolScultping® is at the forefront of body sculpting techniques. Essentially the process involves the targeting and freezing of fat cells. When frozen, fat cells crystallize and die, they are then removed from the body as waste. Obviously fat loss utilizing this procedure is a bit slower, and will often require several treatments.

Vanity is not the only reason to consider body sculpting or contouring. There can be health benefits associated with these and related procedures as well. Ideally any of these procedures should be bolstered by regular exercise and diet adjustments.

So, what procedure is best for you? Contact the professionals at Glam RN today for a free consultation.

By Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America